Kick Back With a Yummy Frozen Treat

Kick Back With a Yummy Frozen Treat

Stop by Sno Biz of Lafayette now

Start this summer day off right with a delicious frozen treat from Sno Biz of Lafayette. You can come in whether you're craving shaved ice, ice cream or lemonade.

We handcraft all our treats in small batches to ensure each serving has an exquisite flavor. Visit us now to taste our treats for yourself.

We have various treats to choose from

Not sure what type of frozen treat you want? Don't stress - Sno Biz of Lafayette has it all. Our store offers:

  • Shaved ice made with flaky ice and true-to-life flavors
  • Smoothies made with real fruit in enticing combinations
  • Milkshakes made with soft serve or hard-packed ice cream
  • Super sundaes made with shaved iced, hard-packed ice cream and whipped cream

We also have frozen delights, which are frozen milkshakes that hold up well in the summer heat. Call 225-247-1733 today to learn more about our treats.